Baylor ProSales - Top Sales Program in the USA

April 19, 2022

Banner promoting Baylor's inclusion in top university sales programs

Baylor University’s ProSales program, supported by Baylor’s Center for Professional Selling, was named a Top University Sales Program by the Sales Education Foundation (SEF) for the thirteenth consecutive year. Top schools for professional sales education are recognized for preparing students for successful careers in sales and for elevating the sales profession.


Operating one of only two research-based competencies sales program models in the USA, the ProSales curricular and co-curricular activities map onto 13 higher-order competencies and 46 specific skills associated with high-performance business-to-business sales representatives and organizational leaders.


"While we’ve built a program model that succeeds in delivering on 100% placement prior to graduation, we are not resting on our laurels. This year, we are reevaluating and fine-tuning our curriculum to ensure that what we are doing in higher education both informs industry and is informed by industry. This approach reflects our commitment to advancing the sales area for higher education and industry,” said Andrea Dixon, executive director of Baylor’s Center for Professional Selling.


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About the Center for Professional Selling

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