BBEC Winners Reflect on Ethics and Virtue in a Sales Context

November 9, 2021

Baylor’s Center for Professional Selling is excited to announce the winners for the 2021 Baylor Business Ethics Competition (BBEC), a ProSales program-specific competition designed to challenge ProSales students with ethical dilemmas evident in real sales organizations. This year’s case, Operation High Performance, centered on the context of a Fortune 100 technology firm where mid-tier (not top-tier) sales professionals created alternative communication channels and shared back-channel misinformation.



2021 BBEC Winners


(l-r) Dean Sandeep Mazumder, Sam Whitaker, Jake Morrow, Kristina Ward, Shane Trevino


The ProSales BBEC engaged 80 students on 20 teams who developed proactive plans for dealing with the ethical issues of spreading misinformation within an organization’s culture. The top three winning teams for this year’s BBEC include:

1. Sam Whitaker, Jake Morrow, Kristina Ward, & Shane Trevino (shown here with Dean Sandeep Mazumder)

2. Austin Benavides, Shao-Yu Chao, Alec Galbraith, & Andrea Henderson

3. Harley Byrne, Amanda Fernandez, Ashton Kresta, & Benjamin Nopper

Top individual speakers were Amanda Corts, Erica Ginaven, and Jordon Ermentraut who were chosen by their room judges. Participants competed in three rooms with four judges per room, comprised of nine business executives and three Baylor faculty members. Representatives from 3M, BMC and Patterson Dental served as the executive judges.



Top Presenters


(l-r) Amanda Corts, Erica Ginaven, Jordon Ermentraut


“The Baylor Business Ethics Competition provided us with an opportunity to work through a complicated ethical situation within a large sales organization. While working with three other colleagues, our team successfully presented a comprehensive four-step solution to a group of Senior Directors. Through the BBEC, I feel equipped with the skills and background to handle difficult ethical issues in my full-time role moving forward,” shared Jake Morrow, a member of the 1st place team and the team’s captain. Adding perspective as a first-time participant, sophomore Shane Trevino noted, “I was able to participate in this year's BBEC which encompasses the Baylor mission by challenging teams to strategically analyze and solve ethical dilemmas evident in the real world, ultimately promoting virtuous standards within our program. I’m thankful to be part of such an outstanding program!”

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