Fall 2021 Outstanding ProSales Student Coach

December 13, 2021

Outstanding Student Coach


Matthew Mouton

Baylor ProSales is pleased to announce that Matthew Mouton is the Fall 2021 Outstanding ProSales Student Coach. ProSales sponsors student involvement in five internal and six external sales competitions each year. In addition to competing, ProSales students serve as student coaches, providing rich learning opportunities for both student competitors and student coaches while building student-peer relationships and the collaborative ProSales culture.

Matthew’s peers nominated him based on his coaching for the National Team Sales Competition (NTSC). As one of the four team competitors, Alexa Black noted, “Matthew went above and beyond to coach the NTSC team! Whatever we needed, he was there. We worked many long hours for this competition and he always kept the morale high, provided valuable feedback, and encouraged us to be the best we could be. I am thankful for the opportunity to work alongside him. No matter the circumstance, I can always count on Matthew.”

One of his peers, Senior Brian Galbraith shared, “Matthew is a knowledgeable, hardworking individual who isn't afraid to invest his time into the development and support of his teammates. I know NTSC would not have been the same without him on the team.” According to another team competitor, Beth Gosnell, “Matthew was an instrumental part of our sales competition. His encouragement, feedback and guidance was critical to help lead us to our first place win at NTSC!” His student coach partner, Benjamin Nopper, applauded Matthew for coaching him as a coach. “He has continued to invest in me beyond this competition, and he does an amazing job representing our program.”

For the National Team Selling Competition, hosted by Indiana University, Matthew coached alongside of Dr. Stephanie Mangus and the team took a first place finish in October 2021. Matthew also represented Baylor ProSales at the Challenger Sales Institute competition in Oklahoma City, taking 2nd place overall in the Role Play competition which contributed greatly to Baylor’s first place team finish in March 2021. When Matthew graduates in May 2022, he will be joining Stryker as a Joint Replacement Sales Associate.

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