Spring 2022 ProSales Outstanding Student Coaches: Brian Galbraith and Beth Gosnell

May 19, 2022

Outstanding Student Coaches


Beth Gosnell & Brian Galbraith

Baylor’s Center for Professional Selling (ProSales) is pleased to announce that Brian Galbraith and Beth Gosnell are the Spring 2022 Outstanding ProSales Student Coaches. ProSales sponsors student involvement in four internal and six external sales competitions each year. In addition to competing, ProSales students serve as student coaches, providing rich learning opportunities for both student competitors and student coaches while building student-peer relationships and the collaborative ProSales culture.

Brian Galbraith’s peers nominated him based on his coaching for the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC) team. A peer colleague, Paige McClelland noted, “Brian is the best student coach I have ever had during my time in ProSales. Brian is quick to serve and provide feedback, and the best encourager you can have. Brian spent countless hours working on an excel spreadsheet that seamlessly calculated our data and provided strong outputs for the buyers. He always offered to do the work that no one else wanted to do such as arriving early to save our place in the career fair, staying late at the competition alone while we practiced, and being our buyer at all hours of the day. Brian was selfless and always stepped up to help the team.”

A student coach peer, Senior Islay Lyttle shared, “Brian truly went above and beyond coaching for the NCSC. He put in hours outside of practices to ensure that our competitors were prepared, demonstrating selflessness and a dedication to the success of others and the ProSales program. During the competition, one of our competitors had been having a stressful day, and Brian walked to a restaurant outside of our hotel to get her, as well as the whole team, coffee and lunch. He made a point to always be there to offer a hug or a word of encouragement when it was needed. Our team called him the team dad, because he acted with such care and selflessness for everyone on the team. He does this so humbly without any want for recognition!”

Accepting this award with great humility, Brian said, “While this award truly means the world to me, watching what our team was capable of accomplishing during the days of the competition was the highlight of my semester. To be a good coach, you have to enjoy the success of others more than your own. After all the time and effort put into this completion by everyone involved and watching the success, it was one of the most fulfilling moments of my college career.”

Beth Gosnell’s peers nominated her based on her coaching for the Challenger Sales Institute (CSI) competition. Having participated on the CSI Case team and taking first place the previous year, Beth had great credibility with the team she was coaching. One of her charges, Max Kleiner noted, “Beth was a foundational part of our team's 1st place finish in this national sales competition. Through her patient advice and strong leadership, she came to our practices ready to help our team in any way necessary. Whether this was missing events with friends or bringing us Starbucks during an early morning practice, Beth went above and beyond!”

Senior Andrea Henderson shared, “Beth was a great coach through our team’s highs and lows. When we dealt with team conflict, Beth was there to support us and guide us to a solution. She was at every meeting ready to put in the same amount of work as the team members. I am so thankful to have been coached by Beth!”

Feeling the honor bestowed on her by her peers, Beth said, “I am so honored to have received this award. Coaching this semester has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my college career. Thank you to each student on the Challenger Sales Institute team for giving their all and working diligently every practice. Thank you to Dr. Dixon for inviting me in on this journey. Seeing a side of sales that encompasses management, challenging, and encouraging feedback was instrumental to my senior year.”

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