Student Feature - Brandon Mellergaard

October 28, 2022

Brandon Mellergaard


Loving to Learn


Double majoring in ProSales and Management Information Systems, Brandon Mellergaard is a confident communicator with a passion for learning. Growing up in a small town with a tight-knit community, he learned at an early age to look for common ground to form deeper relationships with different people. He also seeks to understand the underlying details of any project he undertakes, believing learning is crucial to self-improvement.

At Baylor, he helped his fraternity distribute 25,000 bottles of hand sanitizer to the Baylor and Waco communities during the Covid-19 pandemic and is proud to have been able to help fill a need in a time of uncertainty. The ProSales program has strengthened his communication skills, especially the ability to efficiently communicate large amounts of complex information. Brandon has used these skills in a variety of contexts from sales competitions to talking with his teachers.

His favorite part of the ProSales program is Top Gun, the week-long training and networking event where he established connections with many executives to set him up for future success. Brandon looks forward to bringing his love of learning and communication to his sales career.