Student Feature - Brian Galbraith

December 3, 2021

Headshot of Brian Galbraith


Strength in Numbers


Brian Galbraith has always been determined, goal-driven, and drawn toward competition. Prior to college, he played ice hockey on several varsity and select teams, before taking up powerlifting, snowboarding, and wakeboarding. Joining Baylor, Brian co-founded Baylor Endurance and Strength Training (B.E.A.S.T.), a club formed to cultivate accountability for personal fitness goals.


A double major in ProSales and Finance, Brian believes one of the greatest things he has learned through the program is the importance of a strong work-ethic. Alongside this, ProSales has honed his ability to think on his feet, a critical skill in sales negotiations. He considers ProSales to have challenged him, stretched him, and then rewarded him by developing and shaping him into the person and professional he is today.

While Brian has many passions, none compare to his passion for sales and working with people to accomplish mutual goals. The ProSales community is his favorite part of the program, and he enjoys strong friendships with his peers. Brian believes there is something special about the people who chose to major in ProSales and the way they support each other. He is excited to be headed down a career path that values both social and technical skills.