Student Feature - Chloe Carlson

October 14, 2022

Chloe Carlson


A Self-Starter


Chloe Carlson believes that her home-schooled experience sets her apart. She learned from a young age to initiate personal growth to achieve her goals. From learning social skills and developing relationships without the benefit of a classroom, to pitching the idea to intern at a skydiving company and starting the next day, Chloe has always been a self-starter. Broadening her development, trips to China and India helped her gain a global perspective.

At Baylor, Chloe’s most impactful lesson has been to pursue her own growth without comparing herself to others. Instead, she focuses on doing her best and further developing her own skills, which allows her to enjoy a job well done and to avoid becoming complacent, as she can always continue to grow. This mindset also helps Chloe to not lose sight of her other passion, which is working with and around others. For example, her favorite part of her photography business is often the relationships she builds with her clients.

Chloe credits ProSales with building on her over-achieving mindset, prompting her to seek to do the maximum in every area of her life. She also loves that the program provides students with space to fail constructively, seeking to take mistakes as opportunities to grow. As a result, Chloe is ready to start her sales career.