Student Feature - Jackson Rhoades

November 4, 2022
Jackson Rhoades

Strong and Steady 

Deeply passionate about understanding and alleviating the pain of others, Jackson Rhoades chose sales because he can focus on helping clients. Along with being a skilled teacher, leader, and speaker, he prides himself on his ability to stay calm in difficult circumstances, even helping his father through a heart attack when they were on a hike!  

Majoring in ProSales and Entrepreneurship/Corporate Innovation, Jackson founded the Startup and Innovation Club at Baylor, which provides resources on business basics for students of all ages and majors. This club has allowed him to gain leadership experience and broaden his business network, connecting with students on topics such as international real estate investment strategy, marketing for a photography firm, and assessing hiring practices for a textile manufacturer. 

The ProSales program has taught Jackson how to be diligent so he can perform at the highest level. ProSales has also improved his public speaking skills. Learning how to use strong cold emails and be agile when handling objections are ProSales skills that accelerated the launch of the Startup and Innovation Club. Jackson is thankful for the attention to detail the ProSales program demonstrates and requires of all Sales Champions. In every situation, easy or hard, Jackson is equipped and ready to remain calm and help his future clients find the best solution possible.