Student Feature - Jake Morrow

March 4, 2022

Headshot of Jake Morrow


Going the Extra Mile


During his time in the ProSales program, Jake Morrow has learned the critical importance of managing his time, as well as the art of active listening. He understands that success often depends on taking initiative to work ahead, while applying active listening every day has enabled him to build strong relationships with his peers and mentors. Grateful for the ProSales community, Jake knows he would not be the person he is today without their continual competition and encouragement that pushes him toward betterment.


Serving on the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core’s Leadership Council, Jake is the External Relations Committee Chairman. Taking his role one step further, he has promoted the value of Baylor’s Honors College and the business school at events for prospective students, including Baylor's Distinguished Scholars Day and Invitation 2 Excellence, both occasions for high-achieving high school seniors. In his free time, Jake is an avid golfer, basketball player, and cook, with a special knack for Italian food.

As a salesperson, Jake is passionate about ensuring that the genuine needs of his clients are met. This means taking the time to conduct an accurate and comprehensive needs analysis and attaining a true understanding of his offering’s value proposition. For Jake, the best sale will always involve solving a client’s problem at a respectable price and working toward that solution with the compassion and empathy that may require a little extra attention.