Student Feature - Jordan Goehring

September 9, 2022

Jordan Goehring


Training to Improve


Before coming to Baylor, Jordan Goehring spent five years in the U.S. military. During his time in the service, he underwent BUDS (SEAL) training. After an injury, he became a weapons technician and instructor with the Navy and spent three of those years overseas in Japan. Now, at Baylor, Jordan is an active member of the VETS organization, where he enjoys community with other veterans.

In addition to his military training, Jordan credits the ProSales program with teaching him the value of time management. He recognizes this skill as essential, not only to a career in sales, but to life in general. Additionally, ProSales has taught Jordan to take initiative and speak clearly and concisely, which have given him the confidence to network and connect with people from all walks of life.

Outside of school, Jordan is heavily invested in health and fitness. He works out five times a week and makes sure he eats well to maintain good health and improve his strength. Whether exercising or reading a self-improvement book to enhance his knowledge and broaden his perspective, Jordan believes there is always room to train for improvement.