Student Feature - Max Kleiner

December 13, 2022
Max Kleiner

Going the Extra Mile

Max Kleiner is a ProSales major who serves as president of Baylor University’s Interfraternity Council, acting as a conduit between the university and 14 fraternities. This role has taught him to be mindful of others and their emotions when dealing with difficult situations. His classes have taught him grit, collaboration, hustle, time management, succinct communication, and servant leadership, and he prides himself on operating with consistency in his interactions with students, faculty, and executives.

In addition to pursuing the ProSales major, Max is pursuing his Energy Commerce Certificate, which helps him understand the energy industry while gaining practical experience. In addition to loving geoscience, Max is passionate about helping others. Serving others selflessly prompted him to locate a product for a client at a rival store and go the extra mile when his store did not supply what the client needed.

The ProSales program has taught Max the importance of such strong intentional follow-up coupled with clear and concise communication. He is especially grateful for the focus on teamwork amid competition and is ready to go the extra mile to serve his future clients in his sales career.