Student Feature - Shao Chao

September 30, 2022

Confident and Capable 

Shao Chao

Triple majoring in ProSales, Finance, and Supply-Chain Management, Shao Chao came to Baylor from Taiwan where he previously achieved the rank of Corporal in the Taiwanese military. In that leadership role, Shao was responsible for a team of 17 people, where he out-ranked team members who were much older than him. Shao was grateful to be able to learn from their unique backgrounds and gain a broader perspective for leading others. As a servant leader, he values unity among his team and looks for ways to improve the experiences of those entrusted to his leadership. 

As an international student, Shao initially found communicating in a second language daunting. However, he quickly found that his love of basketball enabled him to bond with others, despite the language barrier. Today, he is a confident communicator and enjoys connecting with his peers and creating new memories. Crediting the ProSales program for developing his skills, he is sure of his ability to deliver complex ideas and communicate value to customers. 

Shao’s favorite aspect of ProSales is the community cultivated through classes, competitions, and the program’s events and activities. He is thankful for a great group of smart and driven peers who push him to excel. He has enjoyed working together to find solutions to problems, and these experiences have given Shao the confidence he needs to take on even bigger challenges in his future career.