Student Feature - Shelby Clark

December 9, 2022
Shelby Clark

Guided by Faith 

Due to her love for travel, Shelby Clark’s life goal is to visit every continent. History, culture, and her faith serve as her guide as she has visited 10 countries and multiple World War II historical sites, such as the Berlin Wall and the beaches of Normandy. A ProSales and Management double major, Shelby enjoys new experiences and is deeply passionate about her faith. 

Viewing her faith as a North Star that shapes and directs her life, Shelby serves as a Bible study leader for sophomore girls in her sorority and she seeks to handle business situations in an ethical and loving manner. Her time at Baylor has taught her about time management, helping her prioritize and plan effectively without letting her calendar control her. 

In ProSales, Shelby has learned that she is more capable than she thought, realizing that she is able to push through difficult circumstances and come out stronger. She has grown in conducting herself in a professional manner, and loves getting to know and learn from the other students in the program. She looks forward to letting her faith guide her in her future sales career.