Tampa Bay Buccaneers Personnel to Head First S3 Club Meeting of Fall Semester

August 25, 2022

The Sports Strategy and Sales (S3) club will host two Buccaneers personnel at the kickoff meeting on Aug. 31 and Sept. 1 in Foster 143. Ben Milsom, chief ticketing officer, and John Breedlove, director of Insights & Strategy, will help students gain a deeper understanding of a values-based career in sports marketing through a Q&A, discussion-based format.  

S3 is a “values-based leadership program” that seeks to instill integrity in the business of sports and entertainment, Lane Wakefield, director of S3 said. While the S3 program is a concentration of the Marketing major, the S3 club is open to all majors interested in the sports and entertainment industry. S3 club provides the chance for students to hear from experienced professionals in the field while gaining hands-on experience through class trips and internship opportunities.  

Because the S3 program has a values-based approach to the sports and entertainment industry, Milsom and Breedlove will be highlighting the importance of integrity in the workplace. The demands of a career in sports and entertainment are high and the opportunity to “cut-corners” are many, according to Wakefield. By hosting speakers like Milsom and Breedlove, who share the same passion for integrity among their professional teams, the S3 club continues to equip students to lead with values in their future sports and entertainment careers.  

To sign up for the S3 club please visit: https://www.baylor.edu/business/hsbforms/index.php?id=927707