Hankamer Set to Host KPMG Ideation Challenge

March 29, 2023

The Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University will host the KPMG Ideation Challenge on Tuesday, May 2, at the Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation.

“The challenge is an opportunity for collegiate students to create a strategic, cross-functional and scalable solution that leverages the metaverse to supplement hybrid working models and help employees build connections in a whole new way,” Hope Koch, associate professor of Information Systems and competition manager, said.

Participants will imagine that a client has come to seek expertise regarding a specific for-profit organization, to which then they will formulate a solution that provides their client the opportunity to achieve more in less time.

Participating in this event is a great opportunity for students to experience working with businesses and expand their mind to think about emerging technology and the future of business, Koch said. The key to the challenge is to produce a solution that would innovate, disrupt and transform a normal business’ operating model.

By analyzing their overall business strategy, talent strategy and business model–including composition and size of business for scalability barriers–they will choose to solve an existing pain point for the company and/or design a new product or service that disrupts the status quo.

Ultimately, participation in this competition aims to create a solution–anything from a business concept, activity model, process, technology or service–that leads to cost savings or revenue generation for the future.

“It is important for the Business School to get involved and host events like these because it helps connect students and potential employers, while also letting faculty keep our curriculum up to date and helps businesses know trends and idea from students,” Koch said.

For more information on the KPMG and Meta Event, email Hope Koch at hope_koch@baylor.edu.