Student Feature - Caleb Jackson

September 16, 2022

Caleb Jackson


Future Sales Leader


Double majoring in ProSales and Entrepreneurship, Caleb Jackson aspires to fuel top-line sales results while learning how to manage a profitable business. Resourceful as he is, Caleb made strides in that direction, hiring out his services and his truck/trailer in a moving and hauling business when COVID-19 caused him to lose his previous summer work plans. What he anticipated to be a once or twice a week gig turned into a full-time role during a pandemic summer.

At Baylor, Caleb serves as the Grand Scribe and Head Social Chair for his fraternity, Kappa Sigma. In these roles, he co-leads an organization of 100+ college students. As Grand Scribe, he handles all communication channels with the university and is grateful for the many relationships he has formed with other student leaders and school administrators. As Social Chair, he is particularly proud of planning his fraternity’s Mother’s and Father’s Weekend to show gratitude to hard-working parents.

In ProSales, Caleb is thankful for the skills he has learned that transfer to all areas of his life. Since joining the program, he has learned the importance of respecting others’ time, respecting his own time, and building a solid work-life balance. Passionate about helping others and making them feel valued, Caleb looks forward to putting his name behind a product, brand, or business as he sells something that truly improves people’s lives.