Student Feature - Garrett Starks

May 7, 2021

Headshot of Garrett Starks


Determined to Make a Difference


An avid outdoorsman, Garrett Starks found himself in a perilous situation. While dirt bike riding with his father in the Arbuckle mountains of Oklahoma, they discovered they had run out of water and no longer knew the way back to camp. The next 13 hours taught Garrett the importance of never giving up. Relying on one another and focusing only on the task at hand, Garrett and his father stayed determined and pushed through. This determination provides a strong foundation for his college career and involvement in the ProSales program. While not a life-and-death situation, Garrett’s summer internship at Waterview Investment Banking required determination and persistence of a different sort while pursuing and supporting the firm’s clients.

Clearly, Garrett is determined about making a difference and leaving an impact. He served on the executive board of his fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and has used the skills learned in ProSales to lead and problem solve. His favorite part of the program has been the unique curriculum that prepares its students for the real world. He views sales as an avenue to serve as a resource for clients and to make a difference in their businesses and lives.