BEST Program Students Visit Switzerland

April 18, 2023

A group of 26 HSB students in the Baylor Business Excellence Scholarship Team (BEST) program visited Switzerland last month as part of their international engagement experience.

BEST visited Zurich, as two out of the 10 companies that they researched were in Switzerland: Victorinox and Laderach Chocolates.

“Sometimes, reading and discussing a case is not enough to fully appreciate the transformative lifelong lessons from a company's leadership, crisis, or growth,” Tyler Self, clinical assistant professor in the Department of Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation, said.

The student group was hosted by Johnny Chen of Lionrock Capital who connected BEST with many business leaders in Switzerland while also visiting with businesses, entrepreneurs, leaders and universities.

Through the BEST Program, students gain a broader global perspective by listening to professionals share their journey in entering industries outside of the U.S. as well as being open to the Lord’s calling in respect to their future occupations and career goals.

Jadie Petersen, Marketing major and a BEST student, said she felt the impact of God was watching over and guiding every action that her class took in Switzerland. Especially with the trip having been planned in essentially two weeks, it was incredible to see how God created a path for her class to travel abroad.

“This trip opened my eyes to other global opportunities that are available out there,” Petersen said. “I love to travel, and this trip allowed me to see how traveling or working abroad could be a part of my future career.”

BEST is a yearlong academic leadership program consisting of Hankamer School of Business students who seek to become future global Christian business leaders. These students participate in a rigorous program designed to challenge and inspire one another through personal growth and learning.

BEST students collaborate with one another in and out of the classroom to conduct a case analysis as well as experience real-world practices that tie in with the case study.

For more information, visit the BEST program website.