Student Feature - Sam Myers

January 16, 2023
Sam Myers

Sales as Service

At six years of age, Sam Myers developed a love for sales while selling Christmas wreaths and popcorn door-to-door for the Cub Scouts. Later, he built upon this experience when he sold cars for his local Nissan dealership. Now, in ProSales, Sam is grateful for the way the program built his business-to-business sales knowledge and experiences. He has learned how to work and sell as part of a team and has used the work planning techniques learned in ProSales 2 in his everyday life.

Passionate about serving people and creating relationships, Sam serves on the greeting team at his church while also co-leading his community group. As a member of Baylor’s Christian Business Leaders, he spends time with others discussing how to lead well in business within a Christian framework.

Viewing a career in sales as an avenue to further serve others, Sam looks forward to fulfilling his customers’ needs and making their lives better. Grateful for the culture of support fostered by ProSales faculty and students, he looks forward to creating this sort of community in his sales career.