4 Things You Need to Know About Earning Your Online MBA

March 10, 2021
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Choosing the right MBA program format can be challenging. Here are the top things you need to know about earning your MBA degree online.

4 Things You Need to Know About Earning Your Online MBA

If there’s anything we’ve learned through the experience of 2020, it’s how to live, learn and work remotely. For many of us, last year was a sort of real-life bootcamp for living a large portion of our lives online and corporate culture seems, at some level, to have permanently adapted. If business leaders didn’t quite understand how to successfully learn, connect, collaborate and work online, they certainly do now. And that’s an advantage for a student earning their MBA online.

The trend toward online MBAs has been growing for some time and has exploded lately. According to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC)’s Application Trends Survey, 67 percent of business schools saw an increase in applications in 2020. The more online MBA graduates they see in the workforce, the more comfortable hiring managers become with offering them positions. Another key advantage for earning your online MBA.

You probably know by now that online MBA programs are very flexible, allowing for more asynchronous (on your own) learning. So, balancing work, family and school becomes possible. An online MBA can fit your busy life.

If you’re still wondering whether an online MBA makes sense for you, read on for answers to four key questions that should help you decide.

Is an Online MBA Respected?

Yes, your online MBA will be respected … depending on a couple considerations.

First is the program’s accreditation status. While there are several accrediting organizations in the United States, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB) is generally considered to be the best-regarded and is known for its very high standards. Fewer than 5 percent of business schools worldwide (including Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business) have reached this highest standard of achievement for business schools.

Second is the reputation of the school itself and its network of graduates. Look to accredited online MBA schools with strong name recognition and reputation, like Baylor’s well-known Hankamer School of Business. Baylor University is respected not only regionally, but nationally and internationally. MBA graduates from Baylor work for Fortune 500 companies worldwide, which means the Baylor name on a resume gains instant respect.

Is an Online MBA Difficult?

Any MBA worth earning will be challenging. High-quality MBA programs are necessarily rigorous, so when you graduate, you’ll be fully prepared with the business acumen, strategic thinking ability and leadership skills needed to thrive and advance in today’s competitive and fast-changing business environment.

What makes an online MBA easier is its flexibility. For students who can’t afford to leave their current job and/or have family or other commitments, online programs are often the only way to achieve their MBA (and the career benefits that come with it).

Online MBA programs do require you to be more self-motivated, dedicated and organized, as you’re not on campus full time to focus solely on your studies. The upside? Self-motivation, dedication and organization also happen to be qualities that are highly valued in any workplace. The very fact that you earned your MBA online testifies to your mastery of these desirable traits, which you can point to in job interviews.

To make your online MBA experience as smooth as possible, look for programs that offer strong student support services and a friendly, collaborative atmosphere, like the Baylor Hankamer School online MBA program. With Baylor’s online MBA, you can work from anywhere and choose your class time, graduating in as few as 12 months or spreading out your experience up to five years.

Is It Worth Doing an Online MBA?

Yes! Online MBA graduates report increased salaries and more promotions than pre-MBA. In fact, Business Because reports that, on average, online MBA graduates recoup the cost of their program a full year earlier than graduates of full-time MBA programs.

Further, online MBA students learn and work using the latest technology. Often, these are the same tools and platforms used by companies, allowing you to incorporate them at your current job or be ready to contribute on day one of a new position.

An MBA can change the trajectory of your entire career. Its short-term and long-term benefits are truly worth the commitment. And as the prevalence of professionals with an online MBA continues to rise, expect the degree’s reputation and perceived value among recruiters and hiring managers to grow too. To capitalize on the growth of online MBA graduates, you’ll want to choose a program with an extensive, tight-knit alumni network, like the 38,000+ Hankamer School of Business alumni working in high-impact positions in a variety of sectors across the world.

What’s the Value of an Online MBA?

High. Your online MBA diploma will look just like any conventional MBA diploma—no asterisk. Again, the value of any MBA depends on the program, accreditation, school reputation and student support.

As a Baylor online MBA student, you’ll be taught by the same experienced, expert instructors as any in-class student. And what you learn you can apply as soon as the next day at your job—no waiting until after graduation, like full-time students.

The primary goal for most MBA students: better career opportunities. For that, look for online MBA programs that offer students access to a proven, successful career management team. Baylor’s Career Center has an impressive 92 percent MBA placement rate 90 days after graduation. Really, there’s no better proof of value than results. If you’re not in a position to quit your job and put your life on hold for over a year to head full-time to a college campus, but want the advantages of an MBA, then an online MBA program is for you.

Just make sure it’s one with:

• Accreditation and a strong reputation

• Extensive alumni network

• Strong student and career support system

• The latest educational technology and online learning tools

• Instruction from nationally acclaimed faculty

• A philosophy emphasizing supportive collaboration

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