Meet Thiago Bittar, Class of 2018

September 9, 2021
DEMBA - Thiago Bittar
Meet Thiago Bittar, EMBA Class of 2018 and Director of Finance at Luminator Technology Group

We asked Bittar why he chose not only Baylor, but specifically the Dallas EMBA program. After all, with an impressive resume and almost 15 years of professional experience when entering the program, he had many options available.

“Baylor is one of the best schools not only in Texas, but well recognized in [the rest of the] US as well” answered Bittar. Additionally, “having the opportunity to pursue my MBA in Dallas, where I live, with a flexible schedule” was crucial as well.

But why consider an Executive MBA when things are already going well? What is the real ROI on an EMBA? Bittar has an answer for that too. The MBA, he says “pays off faster than expected. Especially with the job market hot the way it is nowadays, having an MBA puts the professional at a higher level versus the competition. My [personal] ROI was around 2 years.”

During the EMBA program Bittar was working at Nokia. While still in school he received a promotion to Finance Director for one of Nokia’s largest business groups. When asked about the impact earning an MBA had on his career trajectory, Bittar said that he is excited to start his “new job as the Director of Finance at Luminator Technology Group with the path to be the group CFO in the near future”. He describes the Baylor EMBA program as giving him a variety of the tools and skill set needed for career success. For example, Bittar was able have a personal meeting with Nokia’s APAC & JAPAN Regional CFO during the Baylor EMBA international trip to Singapore, which he described as an “invaluable networking opportunity”.

Despite his remarkable career, however, Bittar remains adamant that the Baylor EMBA experience is about more than just earning a degree. For example, he said that the cohort model, where a small group of students will take all their classes together throughout the program, allowed for exceptional relationship-building. Bittar said that his cohort is currently “planning a reunion, and [at] every Baylor event we touch base trying to be there together”.

Bittar described Baylor’s Learn/Life Balance as a crucial part of his success both inside the classroom and out. “My son was born during the MBA, and I [found] a balance with the MBA, working full time and taking care of my family too,” he said. “My colleagues, the MBA staff and professors were crucial in helping me and supporting me during the whole process.”

However, Bittar’s success is not due to his hard work alone. He pointed out that, “my wife [and] my family helped me a lot during this journey. They understood that I would be very busy during certain weekends, nights, or even entire weeks of managing work, MBA assignments, business trips, etc. We talked about the commitment required before starting the program and during the program I communicated expectations to let her know when there were important deadlines”.

It's clear that Bittar is an outstanding example of an Baylor Executive MBA alum. So ultimately, why Baylor? Bittar summed his choice it up in two clear phrases: “I believe the Baylor brand is well recognized … I don't need to explain what Baylor is to anyone, and that speaks by itself. In addition, I tell people Baylor’s Learn/Life Balance approach and collaborative classroom are the most important parts when I recommend the program to others.”

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