Baylor Team Takes 1st Place at CSI Competition

March 9, 2021

2021 CSI Team



Baylor took the 1st place team finish at the 2021 Challenger Sales Institute (CSI) competition, hosted by the University of Central Oklahoma. Student teams from nine universities participated in this competition involving three events: a sales management/ethics case competition, sales role play, and speed sell.

Jacob Wassell (ProSales Senior) along with Erica Ginaven, Beth Gosnell, Hunter Larson, Matthew Mouton, and Crit Scott (ProSales Juniors) represented Baylor in this competition. Erica Ginaven, Beth Gosnell, and Jacob Wassell placed 1st in the Sales Management/Ethics Case competition. After several rounds of eliminations, Matthew Mouton garnered 2nd and Hunter Larson took 4th place in the Role Play competition. Baylor’s Erica Ginaven placed 2nd overall in the Speed Sell competition.

Participating in a sales competition during one’s Senior Spring semester (after already signing for a full-time position) can be challenging as most Seniors want to disengage. However, Jacob Wassell stepped up to play a key leadership role for this competition’s case team and the team overall, “I had the privilege of competing in the CSI competition alongside five teammates. In preparation, we met 3-4 times a week for five weeks. Working alongside such bright teammates allowed me to sharpen my own performance through their feedback. As our coach, Dr. Dixon provided a great sense of direction and excellent guidance throughout the process. I am thankful to have been a part of this experience.”

For most of the Juniors, this CSI competition represented their first external sales competition experience and they stepped up to the challenge. Matthew Mouton took Baylor’s top position in the role play competition noting, “The Challenger Sales Institute was a great platform for my classmates and me to grow in our professional skills. Working with my team and Dr. Dixon was a pleasure and so much fun! Each day was a new challenge we had to overcome together and each day we grew closer because of it. I am beyond thankful for their support, and I am so proud of our team achieving first overall!”

As a result of the individual and case team efforts, Baylor outscored all other teams to take the first place team finish. Participating universities included Arkansas State University, Baylor University, Kansas University, Missouri State University, Oklahoma State University, Texas Christian University, University of Central Oklahoma, University of Missouri, and the University of Texas-Arlington.

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