Dean Mazumder's Top Five Recipes to Make With the Family

February 9, 2022

Did you know that one of Dean Mazumder's passions is tackling a new recipe? You may be adding a few ingredients to your weekly shopping list after reading his top five family-favorite recipes.

  1. Filet Mignon
    "About 7-8 years ago, I went on a quest to find the perfect way to cook a steak myself. This was a fun challenge, and I think I succeeded, but in the process, I fell in love with enjoying a beautiful filet mignon."
  2. Homemade Ramen
    "I like to try making things from scratch. Several years ago, I learned to make homemade pasta. A follow-on was my wife and I making homemade ramen, including the broth. We have gotten much better at this, although I am sure we can still improve."
  3. Tandoori Chicken with Naan Bread
    "This dish reminds me of growing up in an Indian family. My family and I have certainly ordered this dish many times in our travels in India, too."
  4. Pan Fried Scallops with Risotto
    "I used to order scallops at restaurants all the time until I discovered how easy they are to make yourself! My trick is to brine the scallops ahead of time before cooking."
  5. Smoked Ribs
    "In North Carolina, I learned how to smoke pork ribs. It is a labor of love, but the results are well worth the time and effort!"