Student Feature - Gavin Hartoonian

January 21, 2022

Headshot of Gavin Hartoonian


A Genuine Competitor


Two things that make Gavin Hartoonian unique are his multi-cultural heritage, with family from Croatia, Spain, and Iran, and the fact that he is the older brother to triplets. His exposure to different cultures has given him the ability to understand and empathize with people from a variety of backgrounds and having younger siblings has taught him the responsibility of leadership. Gavin is also a competitor by nature and has channeled this competitive spirit through a variety of athletic and collegiate activities.


Coming to Baylor, Gavin found that his love of competition could translate to the ProSales program. For him, ProSales encourages healthy rivalry while fostering camaraderie between peers. Every person’s success is celebrated and that is part of what makes ProSales special. Furthermore, Gavin is grateful for the professional development tools he has been given including the confidence he has gained to engage with executives across industries.

A true go-getter, Gavin approaches all his pursuits with determination and hard work. Taking initiative to complete tasks ahead of time and balancing his various commitments, he has grown in professionalism inside and outside of the classroom. His love of competition does not diminish his care for people, however. Gavin seeks to help others whenever possible and looks forward to providing a product or service in a career that will positively affect the lives and businesses of his clients.