Student Feature - Hannah de la Torre

November 19, 2021

Headshot of Hannah de la Torre


Fighting for Success


Spend just a few minutes with Hannah de la Torre and she will immediately feel like a friend. She is joyful, passionate, and strives to impact others each day. As an officer on the Baylor Wake team, Hannah desires to be a valued teammate and an example to others.


Hannah is also a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter and through her MMA passion, she has learned grit, determination, and how to be coachable. Failing her first attempt for a belt but undeterred by the setback, she drove five hours twice a week for two months to be eligible to test again. Now, she is a proud third-degree black belt.

A double major in ProSales and Management, Hannah’s believes her time in ProSales has taught her to harness her strengths and improve her weaknesses. Growing in time management and professionalism, she is able to use the skills she has acquired throughout the program, within and outside of the classroom, in sales calls and in her other workplace communications.