Student Feature - Hunter Larson

February 18, 2022

Headshot of Hunter Larson


A Persistent Professional


Growing up, Hunter Larson enjoyed hunting deer, a hobby he now likens to a career in sales. Hunting and selling both require patience and perseverance. Some days you may go home empty-handed, but with the proper persistence, you will eventually bag that deer or close that deal. Hunter has already demonstrated this persistence in the ProSales program through his steady rise through sales competition rankings. He has enjoyed the opportunities to network with business executives through ProSales training and social events, and the rigorous but rewarding ProSales interview schedule.


With a family background in sales, Hunter has cultivated a passion for leadership and connecting with people from an early age. Serving as a student leader through middle and high school for Students Standing Strong, he gained foundational leadership and communication skills through planning meetings, developing curriculum, and sharing the gospel.

ProSales has furthered Hunter’s sales development by teaching him how to conduct himself in the professional world and the value of time management. With a desire to be a positive influence and someone on whom his clients can depend, Hunter is excited to start and sustain his career that involves meeting needs and making lives better.