Student Feature - Hunter Nessen

March 12, 2021

Headshot of Hunter Nessen


Finding Focus


Hunter Nessen places value on interacting with people. Knowing how important it is to be intentional with your words and actions, Hunter has learned to apply this intentionality about what he says and does outside of the classroom and with his ProSales peers. Working intentionally is important in the business world as Hunter saw first-hand through his internship at The Odyssey Project.

The ProSales program has taught him the importance of a strong work ethic and keeping one’s focus. Distractions can throw you off track, so it is important to understand your own motivations so you can stay focused. Hunter is passionate about leadership and creating success, which keep him focused, driven and determined.

Outside of school and work, Hunter enjoys working with his hands. He has a knack for construction and building and often helps his friends by fixing what is broken. He also enjoys hunting and fishing as often as he can. Hunter’s only regret is not joining the ProSales program sooner!