Student Feature - Jake Stammen

April 23, 2021

Headshot of Jake Stammen


Story of Success


Jake Stammen is a man of many talents. Growing up, he developed an interest in many areas, such as music, filmmaking, politics, entrepreneurship and, of course, sales. Passionate about storytelling, he made the decision to minor in Film and Digital media. Over time, he discovered how his interests relate to each other and have impacted his professional and personal development. For example, filmmaking and marketing both attempt to convey a message; politics and sales aim to persuade. He believes finding commonalties between his interests allows him to grow in his overall skill set.


During Jake’s sophomore year, he joined the Baylor Entrepreneurship Incubator program and with the guidance of a mentor, he began an environmental business venture where he and his partner specialize in buying and reselling environmental products. Through this experience, he developed a strong appreciation for the art of communicating value and he has been able to implement much of his ProSales learning into the venture. Skills and techniques such as cold-calling, prospecting, researching and needs analysis have proven invaluable.

Jake leveraged his skillset and accelerated his development serving as a sales intern at Matthews Real Estate, a player in the commercial real estate industry. Jake’s favorite part of the ProSales program is being able to take part in the real-world networking opportunities through events, role plays and internships. He has been able to develop relationships with business leaders and executives and credits the program with giving him a head start on his professional life.