Student Feature - Meredith Kirkland

February 5, 2021

Headshot of Meredith Kirkland


Overcoming Challenges


Early on in Meredith Kirkland’s academic career, she was told that she would never be as good as her peers. She decided to prove those individuals wrong by working hard and maintaining an ever-positive attitude. She has learned the value of looking at difficult situations from multiple perspectives, and as a result, she is a great problem-solver. Driven to succeed, but also to help those around her, Meredith helped charter Delta Alpha Pi, an honor society that recognizes high-achieving undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities.


A big part of Meredith’s life is her faith and she seeks ways to incorporate her faith into her educational and professional life through projects, interviews and conversations. She loved the opportunity to serve others as an expression of her faith during her summer sales internship at Fidelity Investments. For her, integrating her faith into her daily life is one of the most rewarding and life-giving activities.


Meredith has appreciated the opportunity to meet talented and intelligent businesspeople through the ProSales program. These executives have a wisdom about the working world and life after college that they are eager to share. Meredith loves using her networking skills to foster those professional relationships. For Meredith, attaining wisdom includes learning how to receive criticism and this is just one of the areas in which ProSales has enabled her to grow.