Hankamer Professors Contribute to Harvard Business Review’s Website

March 31, 2023

Baylor Business professors Kaylee Hackney, Matt Quade and Dawn Carlson authored “5 Ways Leaders Can Support Adoptive Parents,” featured on hbr.org. The article examines how employees who perceive their organization as supportive of families tend to be more satisfied.

“Our research shows that when organizations provide meaningful support for adoptive parents it enhances not only the employee’s well-being, but also that of their family,” Hackney said. “Recognizing and supporting adoptive parents at work is also an important step in legitimizing adoption as a way to build one’s family.”

The article is based on the trio’s research published in Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, entitled “It Takes a Village: How Organization Support for Adoption Positively Affects Employees and Their Families.” The professors partnered with Ryan Hanlon from the National Council for Adoption on both projects.

Having their research featured on Harvard Business Review’s hbr.org is exciting for the potential to reach more people, Hackney said.

“It means that the research we are doing will reach a larger audience who can turn around and put it into practice to better the lives of their employees, increasing the impact of the work we do,” she said.