HSB Students Published by Wall Street Journal

October 2, 2023
Illustration of people writing and editing for a website

Hankamer School of Business students have seen their coursework published on the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) website this semester.

Students enrolled in the Christian Ethics Applied to Business course have been competing in the WSJ “Future View” series, an editorial section that features student opinions on timely and relevant topics.

“This is a weekly national college competition in which Baylor Business students can compete head-to-head with students from colleges and universities across the United States,” Blaine McCormick, associate professor of Management, said. “The editors can only publish four or five submissions each week, so Baylor students must bring their A-game to make the cut.”

So far, a Baylor student has been published three times this semester. The most recent was Tuesday, Sept. 26, with Grant Holland’s submission regarding the rebranding of Twitter to X.

Each editorial prompt has a clear ethical component associated with it, McCormick said. The course activities help Baylor students find their own ethical voice.

“I am proud that our students are contributing to national conversations about legacy admission, fiscal responsibility and more,” he said. “Contributions like these in a national paper of record not only raise Baylor’s profile but also give the student a one-of-a-kind entry on their resume or LinkedIn profile.”

Update (Oct. 4, 2023): Management major Lorin Lesh's submission to WSJ's "Future View" column was successfully published. This week's prompt was "Does the National Football League reflect American values? What is the cultural significance of the NFL? Is it a resilient institution? Or is its dominance eroding in the mainstream?"