"Light Your Future" Debuts Over Family Weekend

September 20, 2023

The Hankamer School of Business (HSB) launched a new promotional video during Family Weekend. The video, entitled “Light Your Future,” captures the essence of attending the Business School while showcasing the importance of a supportive community.

“This video demonstrates the experience we want every Business student to have,” Sandeep Mazumder, the William E. Crenshaw Endowed Dean of HSB, said. “When you are here, you are an integral part of the Baylor Business family. Through that, you are supported in your endeavors to light your future.”

Using a narrative approach, the video follows the experiences of an undergraduate Business student as she begins her career at Baylor, seeing her attend class and chapel, studying with classmates and preparing for presentations. Throughout the video, she receives support from classmates and professors, as well as by loving texts from her mother. The video later reveals the mother is also enrolled at Baylor through the Online MBA program.

HSB faculty and staff received a preview of “Light Your Future” on Wednesday, Sept. 13. The video launched publicly on social media on Friday, Sept. 15, with positive reviews from alumni, students and family. More than 10,000 views were recorded across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, totaling more than 70 hours of watch time.

“Our goal was to connect with audiences in an authentic way,” CJ Jackson, assistant dean of Communications and Marketing, said. “We wanted viewers to see themselves in the characters, whether that was the student finding their way, or the supportive and loving parent that wants to see their child succeed.”

Watch it on the Baylor Business YouTube channel.