Teams Compete in National MBA Case Competition in Ethical Leadership

November 13, 2023

Teams from 12 universities across the U.S. competed in the National MBA Case Competition in Ethical Leadership at the Dale P. Jones Business Ethics Forum, hosted by Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business (HSB). The competition launched Thursday morning and wrapped up Friday when the student teams presented their solutions before panels of judges.

Iowa State earned first place in the competition. Baylor University came in second and Pepperdine University placed third.

Brigham Young University, the University of Cincinnati, Indiana University, the University of Kansas, Kansas State University, the University of Minnesota, Missouri State University, Oklahoma State University and Texas Christian University also participated in the competition.

“These students will face many ethical dilemmas throughout their career,” Matt Quade, director of HSB’s Christian Leadership and Ethics and the Kimberly and Aaron P. Graft Professor in Christian Leadership and Business, said. “Being able to face such complex issues with resolve and integrity is difficult, but it does become easier with practice.”

MBA Case - 1st Place - Iowa State University
First Place: Iowa State University
MBA Case - 2nd Place - Baylor University
Second Place: Baylor University
MBA Case - 3rd Place - Pepperdine University
Third Place: Pepperdine University


First Place: Iowa State University; Rebecca Addo, Sahil Bakhai, Christopher Meyer, Lora Stowater

Second Place: Baylor University; Anna Broadbent, Erin Cyrier, Ben Schade, Dillon Smith

Third Place: Pepperdine University; Amanda Auciello, Benjamin Castillo, Zahra Kamel, Michelle Rho

Best Presenters

Pir Shah – The University of Kansas

Sahil Bakhai – Iowa State University

Claire Marie Perkins – Indiana University

Best Q&A

Ashley Love – Brigham Young University

Laura Stowater – Iowa State University

Aaron Allen – The University of Cincinnati

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