Top Five Things Dean Mazumder Wants to Learn More About

November 13, 2023
Dean Sandeep Mazumder in front of business school with text: "The Dean's List: Top 5 Things Dean Mazumder Wants to Learn More About"

While we may become experts in our fields, there is still so much more we can learn about. Sandeep Mazumder, the William E. Crenshaw Endowed Dean of the Hankamer School of Business, shared what he plans on learning more about during his personal time.   

5. Refresh the languages I know

I have studied German in the past and learned Bengali from my parents, but I am very rusty on both given the infrequency with which I use the languages.

4. Deepen my appreciation of classical music

I know some of the well-known work that is out there but have barely scratched the surface.

3. Read more classic novels

There are numerous classics I have not yet read. The next one I have in my pipeline is “A Passage to India.”

2. Both classical and modern art

I have found my tastes have changed over time and this is an area I would love to deepen my understanding of.

1. Coastal fishing

I have done a lot of inland fishing but no coastal fishing yet.