Hankamer Announces Curriculum Changes to OMBA, EMBA

March 11, 2024

Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business announced a series of curriculum changes to its Online MBA (OMBA) and Executive MBA (EMBA) programs. These changes, which include new and revised courses and price adjustments, help the Business School execute its mission while offering students more flexibility and accessibility in their education. 

“The Hankamer School of Business strives to cultivate principled leaders through transformational learning, and I believe we have done so in our OMBA and EMBA programs,” Sandeep Mazumder, the William E. Crenshaw Endowed Dean of the Business School, said. “We are building a bright future as a Baylor and HSB family, and these changes represent our dedication to offer students an innovative and experiential education to better prepare them for their careers.”   

The curriculum changes present new opportunities for OMBA and EMBA students. The OMBA curriculum shift from 12 to 14 courses and per-credit hours from four to three hours allows OMBA students more access to learning. It also includes a revised ACC 5305 – Financial Reporting and Analysis course that will cover topics such as the preparation and analysis of financial statements and using financial statements for decision making on company value and internal controls. The EMBA curriculum includes a revised residency course, ENT 5342 – Corporate Entrepreneurship: Initiating and Sustaining Innovation, that will cover topics such as leading strategic innovation and using organizational innovation to drive competitive advantage.

Both programs will transition to a trimester schedule for a more consistent workload. The shift allows for the OMBA and EMBA degrees to have greater alignment and enables students to take advantage of curricular activities across both programs.  

“The success and overall development of our students will always be a top priority,” Mazumder said. “Although change can be difficult, we believe these actions will allow us to provide the highest quality MBA programs and further enhance the value of a Baylor degree.”   

For more information on the OMBA and EMBA programs, visit the MBA Programs website. For questions about the curriculum changes, contact David Coe at David_B_Coe@baylor.edu.